Do you get a clear vision of yourself being the supreme martial artist? Do you find, in your minds-eye yourself performing at your supreme best, your total and complete expression of exactly what is possible through your devotion, and dedication to your chosen art?

The ability to see things your results before you have actually accomplished them, to view things that do not even exist yet, is one of the secrets of the masters. Producing that mental image of yourself, and holding onto it in faith that you will 'show up' one day is of paramount significance. No matter what obstacles you have actually come across, understand that you are a modern samurai. It does not matter if you only just started your training, view yourself as a martial expert. See yourself as a person or citizen that would make your parents proud; that would make you proud. And move on with the attainment of this vision in thoughts.

You're not a victim of your situations, or anything for that matter. I read when, that the hardest fights to combat are the ones that you do not think you can win. Clearly, things do not constantly go our way. A person is not specified by what happens to them, however how they respond or pro-act in reaction to them. Things will not always go your way, however you have to ask yourself, is this failing or obstacle that I just experienced sufficient to derail me from my objectives? Is it enough for me to offer up on that delight and pride that I experience when I see myself lastly wearing that black belt?

Just because difficulty strikes, you can not now adopt the frame of mind of a victim. You do never consider yourself as a loser. Think of it this way, the Navy SEALs run an obstacle course which contains some very hard obstacles. Can you imagine if that elite battling group trained on a barrier course which was straight and simple to run totally free of blockages? They would certainly not be extremely strong at the end pertaining to their training program would they?

And this is how you take a look at your goals of achieving something similar to a black belt or even your next Dan ranking. You understand that challenges are going to develop, however please keep in the back of your mind the idea that life is a string of challenges. Life is a constant challenge. We embrace this struggle because we understand that ultimately it constructs character, we understand that eventually it makes us a stronger individual; A true force to be reckoned with. How do you get rid of misfortune?